Auditions for little women 


Saturday, May 18 from 3-6 pm by appointment


Auditions will consist of singing, movement, and reading from the script. Please dress to move and prepare the appropriate excerpt(s). Some roles are pre-cast; please see available roles and audition selections listed below. Rehearsals will be in the evenings beginning July 8th.

Ann Arbor Senior Center
1320 Baldwin Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Available Roles

All roles will receive a stipend. Adult performers of all ages, races, genders, and ethnicities are encouraged to apply.
Please prepare the appropriate selection for each character.

  • Meg March
    Soprano A#3-Gb5
    The eldest and most traditional of the sisters. Prim and proper but romantic and sweet-natured. She marries, and has twins with John Brooke.
    Audition Selection: "More Than I Am" page 5, pickup to measure 28 to end

  • Aunt March
    Mezzo-soprano E3-F5
    A formidable and haughty great-aunt to the March sisters. Exasperated by Jo’s lack of propriety, she decides to take Amy to Europe.
    Audition Selection: "Could You" page 2, pickup to measure 23 to measure 39

  • Laurie
    Tenor Bb2-Bb4
    Theodore "Laurie" Laurence is the lonely and charming boy next door who becomes firm friends with the March family. Proposes to Jo but eventually falls in love with and marries Amy
    Audition Selection: "Take a Chance on Me" page 9, measure 88 to measure 108

  • Mr Laurence
    Baritone D3-E4
    Laurie’s grandfather. A stiff and stern elderly man who eventually shows his softer side and gives Beth the beloved piano that belonged to his dead daughter.
    Audition Selection: Off to Massachusetts” page 3, measure 25 to the end

  • Mr. John Brooke
    Baritone C#3-F#4
    Laurie's tutor. A reserved and hard-working young man who only shows his tender side when he falls in love with Meg.
    Audition Selection: "More Than I Am" page 5, pickup to measure 32 to end

  • Marmee March
    Mezzo-soprano Eb3-Eb5
    Marmee is the backbone of the March family and manages to remain strong in spite of the difficulties she faces. Only reveals her true fears and pain when she sings.
    Audition Selection: "Days of Plenty" beginning to measure 19

  • Professor Bhaer
    Baritone G2-F#4
    A sensible German professor boarding with Mrs Kirk. Persuades Jo that she is “better” than the “blood and guts stuff” she writes. Falls in love with, and eventually becomes engaged to Jo.
    Audition Selection: "How I Am" page 5, measure 52 to measure 69